WAVES of Support

When WAVES was founded, the concept was to support ALL women in their endurance sports endeavors, including triathlon.    We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to add more women triathletes this summer with the Philadelphia Women’s Triathlon!  We know there is already chatter about this race (many have signed up already) and given that it is a pool swim, there is a strong pull for new or first time triathletes.
We are excited to support everyone for this race, whether you are a  WAVES member or not through ‘WAVES of Support.  Here’s what support looks like:
  1. 3 month training plan specifically for the Philadelphia Women’s Triathlon
  2. WAVES swim cap
  3. Monthly newsletter with training tips and help
  4. Invitation to women-only clinics leading up to the race
Ready to get started?  Fill out the form below and get ready to join in the fun!